Considering listing your home at Rancho Pacifica? Partner with the top broker for Rancho Pacifica San Diego in order to achieve your goals as a seller.

Work with Jon Granston and his team at P.S. Platinum Properties and gain access to our large and active buyer pool in San Diego, so you can efficiently and effectively list and market your home for sale.

A fluctuating market also requires innovative marketing and negotiation tactics. At P.S. Platinum Properties, we have built successful, innovative tactics for selling homes, which goes beyond the traditional approach of past markets. We are equipped to help you list and sell your Rancho Pacifica home for the highest possible price.

Our Rancho Pacifica expertise and close knowledge of the San Diego market will help you achieve your specific goals.

Our listing approach

With more than 80% of sales originating from buyers seeing a property online, we have guided our energy into developing effective methods for online search-ability of San Diego homes and Rancho Pacifica homes specifically.

P.S. Platinum Properties has partnered with various online gurus to offer our clients the best chance for a successful listing process. These relationships have given our Rancho Pacifica listings an edge over other competing listed properties, giving our clients the exposure and presentation they deserve.

P.S. Platinum Properties’s boutique style service mixed with a global presence and local immersion has allowed our brokerage to be recognized as one of the top firms in selling real estate in San Diego and in Rancho Pacifica San Diego.

We have a pulse on Rancho Pacifica recent sales and homes across San Diego, so we can use this information to achieve the best possible sales price for you.

Through our website, the multiple listing services (MLS) and throughout various other media outlets, we will make sure that your home receives maximum exposure that it deserves. In no time, your home should be catching the eye of interested buyers. We expose your property using our comprehensive marketing and advertising plan, which helps us to sell San Diego real estate.

We will coach you through a series of steps to list and sell your Rancho Pacifica property.

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