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San Diego is one of America’s Finest Cities. Many people are drawn to San Diego because of its literally perfect weather, the sun shines but is not imposing. Long regarded as a low-key military town, San Diego is now one of the California’s most vibrant and beautiful cities. Few places in California possess San Diego’s true sense of the laid back lifestyle. While LA has the glitz of Hollywood and glamor of Beverly Hills, and San Francisco possesses the cosmopolitan culture; San Diego is generally loved by all with its “don’t-rush-me”, enjoy life attitude.

With a consistently low crime rate for a city of its size; San Diego is clean and refreshing. With a bustling downtown core filled with exciting clubs and a restaurant row (the Gas Lamp District) to rival many European cities. San Diego is spread with charming beachfront villages and several hip urban neighborhoods. San Diego is one of America’s Finest Cities.